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Chairman’s Message

Dr. S. K. Manjrekar
Chairman and Managing Director, Sunanda Speciality Coatings Pvt. Ltd.


My dear Professional Colleagues,

I extend my warmest New Year wishes to you and yours!

This annual tradition, of wishing one another ‘A Happy New Year’ is so wonderful. A simple wish conveying the celebration of yet another chance to accomplish more than we envisioned, excel beyond what we had imagined and be a better version of ourselves than we were in the last year. It is a wish that conveys many powerful emotions – joy, enthusiasm, hope and most importantly a promise to ourselves to work towards a happy and fulfilling year ahead, both personally and professionally. And with that wish I would like to bring you all up to speed with our work at Sunanda this past year and certainly our path ahead in the New Year 2017.

At the very outset friends, I extend a respectful and heartfelt invitation to you all to grace our new corporate headquarters in downtown Mumbai. We are just so excited about our big move and sharing this milestone with you will make this occasion complete. As is our tradition of customer focus, our new office too is planned to aid maximum customer interface. We have dedicated significant spaces to application demonstration areas, laboratory facilities and training areas in response to requests from our customers.

The overwhelming support we have received from all our stakeholders and partners in and around our HQ in Mumbai, supported ofcourse by what we believe is the best technical talent in the field of materials and construction chemicals has given us the confidence to venture out into the national arena at scale over the past few years. Our clients have pulled us into their own growth stories and we are grateful to be standing by them as construction chemical partners at projects all over India today. It is only because of our continued successes with marquee clients and channel partners in the Western part of the country that has given us the momentum to spread all over India.

It also gives me immense joy to share with you that we now operate out of offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. As for our international foray, we are slowly and surely inching our way into neighbouring nations and being greeted with enthusiasm as knowledge partners and solution partners by our clients.

In staffing these new offices we remain committed to our core values of bringing into the company the best technical and engineering brain power in the country. Please do call upon our very talented, enthusiastic and hardworking engineers and project managers if you happen to be in these cities and they will be delighted to meet you.

Friends, we have been involved with some very exciting and challenging projects in the West, North, South and East of the country and we hope to give a flavour of our work in this past year through our 2017 diary. As always we have tried to put together a sleek product which gives you an overview of our new capabilities, products and our growth and we earnestly seek your comments and criticism.

In closing I would like to reinterate that I am truly indebted to every single customer, channel partner, supplier, well wisher and most importantly my inspiring team in all functions at Sunanda for this wonderful experience of building this company and serving our customers. I sincerely pray this New Year is brings with it more chances for us to interact and learn from one another in addition to good wishes of peace, prosperity and happiness to you all.



Dr. Surendra K. Manjrekar(Chairman & Managing Director)

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