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Continuous R&D

At Sunanda, we believe new ideas along with innovation are vital for competing internationally. We continually seek to improve our products, adapt them for new applications and add new products based on our close association with customers – all this while rigorously evaluating the ecological and social implications of our innovations. This market driven R&D has resulted in our present strong position in the world of construction chemicals.

Our state of the art research laboratories and technical service centers located in the heart of the two main industrial belts of Mumbai are state of the art facilities equipped with cutting edge analytical instrumentation.

Our research technologists develop concrete admixtures, waterproofing agents, paints, sealants as per national and international codes like IS, ASTM, BS, DIN etc.

We also have pilot reactors of different capacities to carry out scale-up studies.

Our topmost priority is to invest in research and development activities with a focus on introducing new high performance, technically differentiated products and services.

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