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Since the 1980s, long before the need for sustainable products and sustainable construction was realized, SUNANDA introduced a line of water based products for the building industry and actively moved away from the use of solvents. We are proud of our history of commitment to the environment which continues to be ingrained in every SUNANDA employee.

SUNANDA and LEED: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is the most widely known international reference for sustainable building in the world and is rapidly being adopted as a quality standard by the construction industry in India under the banner of LEED India and the Indian Green Building Council.

Incorporate SUNANDA into your projects to qualify for LEED ratings.

Recycled Product Content (LEED USGBC/IGBC rating: MR Credit 4.2, 4.2)
SUNANDA is heavily committed to utilizing post-industrial materials in several products.

Rapidly Renewable Materials (LEED USGBC/IGBC rating: MR Credit 6)
Several SUNANDA products including certain adhesives and bonding agents contain rapidly renewable ingredients

Low-VOC Products (LEED USGBC/IGBC rating: EQ Credit 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3)
Most of SUNANDA’s products including polymers, adhesives, bonding agents and admixtures are water based and low VOC emitters.

Regional Production Facilities (LEED USGBC rating: MR Credit 5)
SUNANDA’s regional production facilities reduce the environmental impact of transportation.
Most of SUNANDA’s raw materials are also regionally sourced giving our products a low carbon footprint.

Products for energy consumption reduction
SUNANDA’s range of heat insulating exterior coating solutions help reduce the HVAC load and corresponding energy consumption of the structure.

Anti-Mould and Anti-Fungal Technology
This technology, developed by SUNANDA has been incorporated into select products, such as adhesives, grouts and wall coatings, to help protect them from mould and fungus. Fungus free structures translate to a longer service life and make for sustainable structures

Environmentally focused R&D
SUNANDA invests 5% of its annual revenue into Research and Development and 60% of our R&D efforts are directed to developing LEED-compliant products and ecologically sustainable solutions that maximize environmental and indoor air quality, and have low VOC content as well as a high percentage of recycled components.

Energy-saving strategies
All SUNANDA manufacturing units focus on optimizing the consumption of energy.

New green construction
New SUNANDA manufacturing units are being designed and built to achieve LEED certification.

Green education strategies
SUNANDA’s agenda of educational programs for contractors, applicators and project engineers includes specific courses on the use of SUNANDA’s eco-sustainable products.

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