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Anti Carbonation Coating

Case Study of Anti Carbonation Protective Coating to exposed RCC surfaces  

Name of Project: Sunshine Towers
Name of Client: Sunshine Housing and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Location: Dadar, Mumbai, India
Year: 2010
Problems Faced:
Sunshine towers, B+42 commercial structure located in central Mumbai, were providing external glass glazing. The external RCC frame structure was to be covered with glass glazing and the internal exposed RCC soffits were to be hidden under false ceilings. No cement mortar plastering/ rendering was proposed. This implied exposure of entire RCC to carbon- dioxide from external atmosphere and its carbonation effects thereby affecting the durability of this high rise structure.
Solution Offered:
Protection to all the exposed RCC surfaces, about 300000 square feet (i.e the external RCC frame structure and exposed RCC soffits of slabs) with 100% acrylic, anti-carbonation, breathable coating of SUNEXT-8. After establishing the efficacy of the product, previously completed successful case studies and economics, approximately 300000 square feet area of exposed RCC was protected from carbonation.
Value to Client:
The R&D department of our company matched the colour of the glass glazing (in this case, Grey) with the shade of the coating. The exposed soffits of all the RCC slabs were however provided in white shade. Due to application of this coating, the structure was provided with enhanced sustainability and more value for money to its occupants.

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