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Concreting at Sub-Zero Temperatures


Concreting in sub-zero temperatures using Anti-Freezing Admixture
Project: Anti Freezing admixture for concreting in sub-zero temperatures
Client: Serena Hotel, Kabul, Afghanistan
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan
Year: 2004
Problems Faced:
In cold weather concreting, water undergoes freezing and hence cannot take part in the chemical reaction with cement and hence cannot develop the compressive strength due to lack of hydration. The options available were to heat the aggregate, to heat the water, to carry out concreting in heated chambers or place concrete in heated conditions and continue heating till the concrete sets. All the above while possible becomes cost prohibitive.
Solution Offered:
SUN D-FROST a high performance anti-freeze chloride free admixture was used. It prevents ice formation thereby allowing the water to be available for hydration reaction permitting the concrete to gain strength. We also introduced plasticizers also to ensure controlled water cement ratio and required pumpability.
Value to Client:
Entire project was successfully completed in subzero conditions and in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

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