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Corrosion Protection to MS pipelines

Anti – Corrosive Treatment to MS Water Mains  
Project: Anti –corrosive treatment to Vaitarna main in Gundavali-Kasheli section in outside city division.
Client: Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai – MCGM, Water Works Yard
Location: Thane, India
Year: 2008
Project Details:
In Phase I about 1.5 Km length of 2400 mm diameter and 12 – 15 mm shell thinckness, MS pipe lines were protected. These water mains carry about 1600 MLD of water from Modak Sagar and Tanda Dam to the city of Mumbai.
Problem Faced:
Heavy sign of corrosion were observed on MS pipe line surfaces, which would eventually lead to failure of the pipelines and disrupt supply to the metropolis of Mumbai.
Solution Offered:
Step I – Primer coat of rust remover by using RUSTICIDE which is single component sulphate and chloride free liquid.
Step II – Two protective coats of a polymer-cement co-matrix based highly alkaline, elastomeric coating of POLYALK FP.
Value to client:  
High performance, cost effective and user friendly solution.
In addition, POLYALK FP has excellent adhesion to the surface which results in a much reduced maintenance cost over the life of the pipeline.

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