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Repair of Bridge Structure

Repair of Bridge Structure in Mumbai, India  
Bridge details:
Constructed during 1963-1968 (as reported)
Total length – 296.10m
Development of cracks in deck girders and columns
Chunks of concrete mass falling from deck slab exposing steel reinforcement.
Deterioration of parapet walls.

Construction Solution:
Repair procedure and specifications
  • A. For soffit of RCC slab treatment by Polymer Modified Mortar
  • B. For RCC beam sides and bottom treatment by Micro concrete
  • Step I: Anti corrosive treatment to reinforcement using RUSTICIDE and POLYALK FIXOPRIME
  • Step II: Application of bonding coat of POLYALK EP mix with cement in ratio of 1 : 0.5 by wt.
  • Step III (a): Laying of Polymer Modified Mortar for non-structural repair in ratio (by wt)
  • 1 part POLYALK EP : 5 parts cement : 15 parts quartz sand
  • Step III (b): Providing Micro concrete using POLYCRETE-A for structural repair
  • Step IV: Grouting with low viscosity epoxy grout –SUNEPOXY 368
  • Step V: Protection to RCC surfaces by using epoxy paint –SUNEPOXY PAINT
    Value to client:
    Entire repair operation was carried out during moving traffic.
    Micro concrete gained strength 30 N/mm2 within 24 hrs.
    Specialized low viscosity material was used for epoxy grouting

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