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Underwater Concreting using Antiwashout admixture

Use of Antiwashout admixture-SUNPLAST AWA and a compatible Superplasticizer – POLYTANCRETE NGT
Project Title: 30000 cu.m. of concrete to be poured underwater at a depth of 35 meters for the construction of a weir project at Srisalem Dam, Andhra Pradesh
Client: Andra Pradesh Power Generation Company (APGENCO)
Consultants: SNC Lavelin Limited, Canada
Contractors: Patel Engineering Limited, Hyderabad.
Location: Sri Sailem, Andhra Pradesh, India
Year: 2004
Problem faced:
In mega hydro power structures and for mass underwater concreting projects like construction of Weir, concreting for dams, erection of caissons, concrete placed under water is inherently susceptible to cement washout, laitance, segregation, cold joints, and water entrapment. It is reported that the workability of underwater concrete should be higher than 175mm slump which helps in self consolidation under its own buoyant weight. The workability of underwater concrete includes additional requirements such as self-leveling and high Anti-washout characteristics.
There were no manufacturers of Anti- Washout Admixture present in India and the client was considering importing the material. However, this would have resulted in considerable cost as well as a large delay in the project.
Solution Offered:
At that point, Sunanda was brought in to develop this product for the first time in India. The project was divided into two parts:

  • Product development, mix design trials and site testing from January 2004 to April 2004.
  • Execution of 30,000 cu.m. of underwater concreting in May-June 2004.
  • 100 plus trials were taken and proper materials were developed which were satisfactory in terms of Anti-washout properties as well as compatibility and desired development of strength of concrete.
    After satisfactory test results and approval from the consultants around 10,000 liters Anti-washout admixture SUNPLAST AWA and 78,000 liters of Compatible Superplasticizer – POLYTANCRETE NGT was dispatched on the project site.
    Value to client:
    The development of anti-washout admixture SUNPLAST- AWA for the first time in India has had a revolutionary impact on the performance of underwater concrete. Underwater concrete can now achieve high flowability at a low water-cement ratio, and yet retain adequate cohesion to resist cement washout and concrete segregation and bleeding.

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